This morning I woke up and was doing my daily searches via social media and read about a Kickstarter Campaign that Award Winning Director and Producer Spike Lee has just started. When I started to read about it I was excited because I was very impressed at how crowd sourcing has become a truly engaging experience for fans of entertainment. Than I was taken back by the fact that there were so many people in the media actually hating on the fact that Mr. Lee was raising money via crowd sourcing and actually implied that he may be taking monies away from young up and coming movie makers. WHAT?! Talk about confusing, isn’t it to the benefit of all that someone like Spike Lee could drive traffic to such a platform and open up the opportunities for so many who may not know that such platforms exist. No, not everyone reads techcrunch or mashable! If when I was a  kid someone told me that I could help make Starwars come to the big screen and perhaps get an autograph or a Luke Skywalker picture I would have sold lemonade to make it happen. I don’t care if the movie producer is rich or poor, it’s about the engagement and about learning about the platform and that perhaps I can use it one day to fund a project. STOP HATING on individuals for personal dislikes, instead open your minds to the positives instead of the negatives! I truly hope Spike Lee raises double the amount he needs to make his new movie! SHOW SPIKE SOME LOVE! GO HERE AND SEE HIS KICKSTARTER PAGE, $5 GETS YOU TO BE PART OF A MOVIE!



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