I have been working with Panacea aka Panacea Project for almost 16 months now. There renditions of popular Latin and General Market songs have made them a very popular group on Social Media with over 1.7 million views on Youtube in a short period of time. Currently the group is in the studio producing their debut album that will be released digitally in the early fall. As part of the marketing strategy we are going to involve their fans in the recording process with weekly video updates and photos leading to the release of their highly anticipated album.  Everyday the power of the internet is making it more accessible for Artist to reach their fans in a way that was not possible just a short time ago.

carlos 4luis panacea 4

A few weeks back Panacea performed an intimate show for their fans via, the platform enabled the group to interact live with their fans from all around the World. We are planning several more shows in the coming months, this will keep their fans engaged and feel personally tied to the group.

Together with the release of their debut Album Panacea is also releasing a digital diary of the recording process, starting from the time when they first got together and uploaded their first video on Youtube to the release of their commercial digital album.

Artist who in the past could go totally unnoticed, now have a platform that makes it possible to have their work viewed and listened to by people all over the World. Although this is no longer a secret and many Artist have become stars via Youtube and other social media sites, what is important is to stay constantly updated on all the new platforms that are made available weekly to further market your projects.

Here are some great resources:


Social Media Examiner




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