The whole major label deal concept is an entirely different conversation. Now, I have a few questions, do you have a demo or produced track? Are you still sending MP3’s and CD’s to label A&R’s or giving it to friends who have contacts in the music business trying to land a deal? If you answered yes to the above than I must say (respectfully) that you are a dinosaur and truly extinct. The chances of you landing a lucrative deal with a Major Label are almost the same as winning on any of  those great talent shows now on TV, you know, “XFactor, The Voice, American Idol etc. There is a clear defined science of how to get in front of the line of the thousands of talented artist in the World trying to get a deal and become the next, Usher, Jennifer lopez or Marc Anthony.
There is a set strategy a defined Science that must be practiced (Of Course you must have some talent as well). Here is a hint that is obvious but so often overlooked….READY HERE IT IS…..”VALUE”….YES! Value! What value do you have, why are you better than all the other Artist? You sing like Mariah or Marc, you dance like Chris brown your sensual like Romeo Santos…So What! (Sorry not trying to be rude) There are thousands of young kids out there with the same if not better talent. Don’t believe me? Spend an hour on Youtube! (Hint) If you want to know the science and think you have what it takes send me a message or email me at and I will gladly get you started!

Robert Rivera


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