Growing up in the Heights!


I use to wait right at the point where this picture was taken my entire childhood for the 1 Train. I always loved music and art but I never thought that 35 years later this spot would become an Iconic symbol. Now movie stars, artist, politicians, doctors, teachers, screen writers, entrepreneurs, millionaires, real estate developers, scholars…..can all say the same thing. They all leaned over at one point to look down the long dark tunnel and see if the two lights were coming, and just that one little moment put a smile on all of our faces. Sometimes, we stood there happy and full of life other times we stood there scared, “Will I get robbed, will I get beat up”? Life is filled of many unknowns, unforeseen journeys and mysteries, those streets taught me and so many others so much and it still continues to. I love Washinton and Inwood Heights you are the culture I know and the love of my childhood. I look forward to seeing how many more continue to strive from this very incredible neighborhood. Never Stop Dreaming!


One response to “Growing up in the Heights!

  1. 175th & Ft. Washington, from 1980-1995…

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