Icon Entertainment

Press Release

Miami, Fl

April 19, 2012

Icon Entertainment has signed an exclusive representation agreement with Panacea Project a local band from NYC that have become a Youtube sensation. The groups members Carlos Bermon and Luis Castro collaborate in producing covers of some of today’s hottest Latin singles as well as original music. There sound is so unique that the Artist of the original songs have reached out via twitter, Facebook and Youtube to give them praise and support. Grammy Award Winning Producer Sergio George has used one of the groups cover of Prince Royce’s “La Cosas Pequenas” on his latest album sung by Prince Royce.

“Panacea Project is one of those groups that come around once in a lifetime, because of their unique sound and bond. Luis Castros’ voice is sultry yet powerful, Carlos Bermons’ musical skills on the guitar, cajon and piano amongst many other instruments makes him a rare find and well defined producer with an incredible gift. Everyone at Icon Entertainment is excited about the opportunity of working together with Panacea Project and seeing their careers develop and flourish, I would say that this is definitely the group to keep on your musical radar.” Robert Rivera, Icon Entertainment

Visit Panacea Project at


Panacea Project Prince Royce Acoustic Version



For more information contact:

Icon Entertainment

c/o Robert Rivera



Icon Entertainment Artist Relations

c/o Nini Vera




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